Planned Giving

Real Estate

Do you have a second home, a commercial building or land that you’re looking to sell? Are you looking to get out of your current home? There are several ways for you to turn any of these properties into a gift that would greatly benefit Rochester Regional Health.

You may want to gift your real estate if…

  • You own real estate for which you no longer want to be responsible.
  • You want to save income taxes.

If this is the right gift for you, consider making it in one of the following ways:

1. Gift Rochester Regional
Rather than give us all of your real estate holding, you can give us an undivided interest. You will receive an immediate income tax deduction for the value of the portion you give. You will, of course, retain complete control of the portion of your real estate that you choose to keep.

2. Bequeath your real estate to us
By making a gift through your estate, you will retain use of your property during your life. What's more, you can change your gift plan whenever you wish, should your circumstances or priorities change. Putting this gift into your estate plan now will ensure that your wishes will be carried out later. 

Please consult with us first
We want to be sure that we can accept whatever you are considering giving. And if we can, we want to discuss what will happen to your property once we receive it. This discussion will also help you anticipate the likely tax benefits of your gift.

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Juan owns several buildings in his hometown. While they have been a good investment for him over the years, he’s ready to stop being a landlord. His properties have grown substantially in value, so he’s concerned that he will have a big capital gains tax bill to worry about if he sells them. He would also like to show his dedication to Rochester Regional Health by making a major gift.

One of Juan’s buildings is appraised for $300,000. He purchased it for $45,000. To support Rochester Regional Health, while avoiding capital gains tax, Juan sells his home and passes all proceeds to Rochester Regional.