Planned Giving

For Your Advisor

If you are advising a client who is considering a planned gift to Rochester Regional Health, we would be more than happy to work with you. Please use the information below, and feel free to contact us any time for further information or assistance.

Beneficiary/Tax ID Number
Rochester Regional Health is supported by four foundations:

Rochester Regional Health Foundation — 22-2229425
United Memorial Medical Center Foundation — 22-2611543
Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Foundation — 16-1560033
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Foundation — 22-2963344

Legal Name
All charitable gifts should be directed to “[FOUNDATION NAME], a New York 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number: [NUMBER].”

Additional Resources

We want making a gift to be as easy as possible for patients and friends who chose to support us. Furthermore, we also want to be sure we are able to honor the intentions of all our donors. 

The following should help your client fulfill their desire to give to a program or hospital within Rochester Regional Health.

Will and Trusts
Please see the sample bequest language we offer for donors.

Securities and IRA Distributions
To transfer stock, you will need to contact one of our agents at Morgan Stanley

Ann Marie Clar
(585) 389.2238
(800) 825.5334 x 2238

Karen Kenyon
(585) 389.2270
(800) 825.5334 x 2270

For securities, have the following information ready:

  • Client’s name
  • Type of stock
  • Number of shares
  • Purpose (designated area of support) of the gift

Additional info for securities and to provide a gift from your client’s IRA:

  • Electronic Transfer Account: 0015
  • Rochester Regional Health Foundations Account: 881-1162640090

Gift Calculator
Explore giving options and possible deductions with our online calculator.

If one of your clients arranges an estate gift for the benefit of Rochester Regional, we would very much appreciate knowing about the gift, both so we can express our sincere gratitude and – as noted above – so we can make sure we will be able to fulfill the donor’s wishes. 

Please use our confidential form to notify us when Rochester Regional Health has been made the beneficiary of an estate gift.

Contact Us
We want to assist you in any way we can, whether you are simply looking for general information, considering particular options on behalf of your client or needing our cooperation in the administration of a planned gift. 

Contact us to discuss a potential – or even merely hypothetical – gift situation or to request a gift illustration.

Thank you for the work you do on behalf of our donors!